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What We Do?

We together bring a collective full capability of tackling problems encountered in any EMC undertaking in an all-round turnkey approach. On an extemporized basis, our consortium aims to integrate into and support engineering projects that require EMC expertise to reach a satisfactory project completion.

Our services provide advices on full EMC compliance and management during development, design, certification, production and operation of equipment, large systems or fixed installations.  We offer a complete range of services as shown below:

  • EMC Type Tests and EMC on site in-situ Measurements
  • EMC Accreditated Testing Laboratory Design and Facility
  • EMC International Legislative and Compliance Requirements
  • Design and Solution in EMC and Safety
  • EMC in Fixed Installations and Large Systems
  • EMC Management
  • EMC in Railway Systems
  • Human Safety on RF Exposure
  • EMC in-house Training/Seminars.